Wednesday, 20 July 2022

July 2022 Meeting

This month realy showed  two important things about Association area groups; small membership and a layout which members can work on collectivly. The second point proven by the continuing sucess of Lightermans Yard.

Currrently, as was seen last month, KEAG members are variously involved in two less collective, more private layouts. Evercreech Junction, a challenginglyly large layout, by Keith Gloster and Alan Smith, both masters of the darker side of 2mm. The second layout is Brixham by Pete King. However, there is not much other members can contribute to either at this stage. There are further possibilities in the pipeline, Some recent images of track work by David Smith, The Dyke Railway, in the planning by Richard, and report from the West Country of progress on Leigham Road, a fixed layout by our Somerset member Pete Townsend.

The meetings do, however, provide a valuable forum for 2mm demonstrations and working practices and questions, this seen from previous months.

We are always on the lookout for new members, and perhaps we should look at the possibilities of online. Worked quite well during the pandemic, as the Australians prooved. 

Find out if the Church has WiFi. Life could be more exciting! Next meeting 14 August

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