Monday, 11 June 2018

June 2018 Meeting

Someone once said "there's no such think as bad publicity" which sums up our reaction to the featured and simultaneous appearance of Lightermans Yard in both the 2mm Magazine (front cover and inside cover) and full colour spread in the N Gauge Journal (pages 28 and 29). Both unsolicited and a complete, and welcomed, surprise!

This meeting’s guest loco was David Smith's SER/SECR/SR/BR R1 under construction. This model is destined for Lightermans Yard, working alongside the G6.

Above; the parts under construction. Some important lessons passed on during discussions.

... and, left, a R1 reference shot of the loco in Southern days.

Abovet; Pete K contemplating the missing chimney situation on one of the scenic boards. Left; fitting a new chimney .

Below; A rare chance to view the back detail.

Meanwhile Keith and David testing for the malfunctioning uncoupling magnets again - possibly down to 'swarf' in the box this time.

The meeting closed with general discussion about an away-day to a heritage line possibly taking the place of a monthly meeting - most probable contender is the Bluebell Line (as long as we don't choose a diesel weekend!)

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