Monday, 16 July 2018

July 2018 Meeting

This meeting was dominated by the unusual Summer heat, so everything appeared to take place in slow motion.

Our plan was to continue ballasting and we did manage to carry some of this out, or we should point out that David did the work whilst the rest of us stood around watching and making encouraging comments and discussion.

(below) David preparing to continue the ballasting, fixing the material with vinyl floor polish straight from the bottle.

We had also identified a slight curl in one of the foreground scenic boards - noticeable if you knew where to look, but a nagging sense that the situation needed attention. Pete took on the task with the aid of a hot air gun, weights. PVA and a little force, or a combination of all four accompanied by under the breath mutterings! We will see if this has worked when we assemble the full layout again.

This meeting’s guest locos were Keith's SR/BR T Class 0-6-0 under construction. This model is destined for Lightermans Yard. Shown below are the drawings (in 7mm scale) and pictorial reference.

So far the chassis and gearbox have been completed, once again demonstrating Keith's superb micro engineering.

David also has a 'work-in-progress' converting a Merchant Navy to a Battle of Britain. This involves reshaping existing bodies and casting new parts.

A visit to the Wells exhibition is planned to take the place of the August.

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