Sunday, 22 December 2019

December 2019 Meeting

This was the last regular meeting of 2019, and as tradition has it, a mince pie event on top of the serious business of the day.

Once again Evercreech Junction took centre stage for the first part of the meeting. Richard provided large digital prints (6m) representing full scale at 2mm and including a contemporary map background and track overlay with the Templot point templates that Pete K has provided. Easy to see that we need the floor of the church hall to take in the whole picture.

Pete K examines point templates printed on semi transparent paper and matched to the main image, to help with the construction of individual points.

Lightermans Yard returned to base following the Beckenham show. We set the track baseboards up to check for any faults and necessary repairs. Thankfully it all worked and this gave David the opportunity to test run his Dapol Class 50 blue diesel, the only modification at this stage being 2mm wheels and a sound chip. Looked and sounded good.

David added a rake of four coaches, strange visitors to the ’yard’.

Keith demonstrated the work he has done on the chassis of a terrier to accommodate a DCC chip and ’stay alive’. This involved re-making the footplate throughout.
Keith also showed a resin cast loco body he has made to provide re-modelled parts for the conversion to a West Country class as used on the S&D.

Loco of the month is the Class 50

Apologies for the late arrival of this blog post.

Merry Christmas, and a happy modelling year ahead from all at KEAG!

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