Tuesday, 12 November 2019

November 2019 Meeting

This month’s meeting was another opportunity for Alan and Keith to set out the baseboards for Evercreech Junction. As previously seen, the Church hall is one of the few areas where all the baseboards can be assembled to form the whole layout and check for fit, and on this occasion the accurate fitting for the final section.

The baseboards ready for assembly. Eventually these will be transported in two purpose made boxes that will also support the layout.
Acknowledging that this very ambitious layout is Alan and Keith’s initiative, the group is becoming more involved, not unwillingly, in various supporting ways. Pete has become the Templot master in providing point and track templates. These have been overlaid on period maps and run out on a large digital printer, making the scenic part of the layout true to scale and, the track geometry as correct as possible.

The segments are bolted together ....

As the fiddle yard boards are added, it soon becomes clear how extensive the layout is and why it needs a large flat area to set it up in.

Two large semi circular feeder lines link the fiddle yard to the scenic section on the right. The layout will be operated from the space in the middle.

The final part of the scenic section is measured for fitting. Having the full layout connected ensures all the sections of baseboard fit tightly together.

Part of the track plan is checked. Templot templates for points and track have been overlaid on a map image relating to the period accuracy, the position of buildings and other topographical features etc.

The baseboards unbolted and ready to be loaded for transporting back to the workshop.

Return of the loco of the month! Alan showed his 4F that has been re-wheeled with the Association 3D printed steam locomotive driving wheels.

The 4F looks good and runs smoothly on its new wheels. Howard added a coach with interior lighting operated by an external switch (magic wand for demonstration purposes!)

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