Friday, 13 September 2019

September 2019 Meeting

Following on from the AGM at Swindon on Saturday, we met again the next day for our normal monthly Sunday meeting at our home base in Wilmington. Pete Townsend and Jim Allwood were welcome visitors, having decided to detour and join us before returning to the West Country.

First up Q; how many model engineers does it take to fit 2mm drop-in wheels to a Class 25? A; 6 hands.

Keith, Alan and Pete K take a tea break with the 2mm Association Chairman, Jim Allwood.

Keith deserves another accolade for his double award at the AGM for (best passenger & NPCS rolling stock) - rake of ex-LMS, Southern & BR CCTs

Alan, David and Pete K matching Templot templates to an enlarged geographic map of Evercreech Jubction, Pete Townsend contemplates the scale build.

Time to get the layout for a test session, and give Jim a chance to operate.

Next meeting 13October 2019. Next exhibition appearance 19 October - Beckenham

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