Thursday, 12 September 2019

AGM 2019 at Steam, Swindon

The 2mm Association 2019 AGM was held at the Steam Museum in Swindon on 7 September - deep in GWR territory.

KAEG was represented by Pete King, Allan Smith, Keith Gloster, Howard Watkins and Richard Doust, joined by Pete Townsend (Somerset member) who had come with the Association Chairman Jim Allwood and the 2mm Shop, their intention to also attend the September KEAG meeting the following day.

The AGM competition entries were described by this year's guest judge Tony Wright, as '... it was the hardest judging I've ever had to do, it's because the standard of the entries was so high, as was the consistency'. He was also impressed with the speed and efficiency of our AGM business.

Of the competition awards, Keith won two of the 9 awards for the same entry, four BR wagons. The Dreadnought Trophy for passenger rolling stock and the Members Choice Cup.

 We had the chance to browse and buy from the 2mm shop, and also visit the Steam Museum.

Apart from the mainly full-size exhibits, Keith and Pete K discussing Caerphilly Castle, there were several 2mm Association layouts; Tucking Mill (Jerry Clifford), Corrieshalloch (Anthony Yeates), Ivybridge (John Aldrick), Ashburton (John Birkett-Smith), and also other gauge layouts among the museum displays. Notable was Sidmouth a P4 layout.
The four 2mm layouts Ashburon, Ivybridge, Tucking Mill and Corrieshalloch (close scrutiny by Pete and Keith). Also on show in the AGM room was Nigel Ashton's Drws-y-Nant layout in progress. Below Sidmouth P4.

Finally, last minute discussion and time to pack up!

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