Tuesday, 13 March 2018

March 2018

This month's meeting clashed with Mother's Day which meant a couple of people had commitments elsewhere. However we were able to assemble the layout to track level. Main priority was to clean the track and ensure that the electrics were working. We have one meeting before the next show at Crawley on 24 and 25 April.

This month's; locomotive, ex-LSWR G6 built by Pete King' specifically for Lightermans Yard. The G6 was built at Nine Elms and was taken into Southern stock at the grouping and then Southern Region at Nationalisation.
Pete King bought his recently completed ex-LSWR G6 0-6-0 loco and some stock to run through the layout, both a test for the loco, stock and for the track and turnouts (points). Note the handrail and extended running board behind the cab on the loco, a detail observed by Pete from photographic references - this was apparently for the 'shunter' to hitch a ride during yard operations.

The layout as assembled to track level, here showing the 'slot together' ply structure that is rigid when constructed and the baseboard supporting the track-bed, fiddle yard and electronics. The scenics and backscene fit onto the white baseboard. For shows, the completed layout is viewed through a 'window' at the front.

Track cleaning was the first priority, and searching for any unevenness or misalignment.

The loco yard getting a clean. Some more work to be done on ballasting!

Alan making final adjustments to the cleaning process - shiny tracks!

 Having bunkered, the G6 sets out to work the goods traffic (really testing the cleaned track).

Working a wide collection of stock.

A view of the control panel and shunting yard. A great feeling when everything is working as it should!

Further discussion centred on prototypes for servo controlled point mechanisms that Keith and Alan have been developing.

Alan also showed the new brass sleeper castings for flat bottomed track

Next meeting 8 April, followed by our next exhibition appearance at Crawley 14-15 April

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