Monday, 12 February 2018

February 2018

This month we prepared for 'Engineering Works'. This involved the track bed and some electrical modifications, both of which were in our 'New Year' resolutions list.

The continuation of ballasting the loco yard sported the addition of a water tower. Meanwhile Keith re-positioned a goods exchange yard uncoupling switch to counteract confusion when operating under exhibition pressure.

Intentions made clear at the start of the meeting.

Installing the water tower before continuing to ballast the track bed and surrounds.

Cutting a recess for the water tower base. Note the little black square, an experiment that later becomes a feature!

In position, and ready to continue ballasting the area.

'little-by-little' David administering ground colour, Pete adds some darker variation.

Fixing the ballast. Note the black square has become a puddle!

....Meanwhile, Keith re-positions a switch on the control panel.

And we end the day contemplating our achievements over a cup of tea.

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