Wednesday, 17 July 2019

July Meeting

Sunday 14 July was a typical mid summer meeting. Bright, sunny and warm outside and interesting from the inside for innovation and discussion.

Howard demonstrated his Railcom device that displayed a locomotive’s DCC identity as it passed along a section of track. So far it only works on some decoders (Zimo,Lenz, ESU?) and not (CTElektronics). At present it only works with the Lenz Command Station. It is planned to be added to the MERG Command Station at some time. This looks like a very useful operator tool.

Alan S showed the new gear set as mentioned in the 2mm newsletter, replacing the faulty sets, the new version is for the Farish conversion, currently out of stock but soon to be available through Shop 3. 

Alan also showed us 2mm steam locomotive wheels which are currently under development. The latest examples have been 3D printed in stainless steel. The results look very good and accurate. Example below shows the steel tyre added.

A great advantage being that the specifications for 3D printing can be provided for individual manufacture.

Additional meeting material added to the blog after something prevented the blog content from being completed at the initial session.

Keith bought to the meeting the baseboards for Pete K's Brixham layout which he had recently worked on. As can be seen from the images, the track bases give a good idea of how the layout will look when the track is laid and the background and scenery are in place.

Locomotive of the month is by Alan Smith, one of a pair of converted Farish 4F destined for the S&D layout previously featured in this blog.

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  1. Those wheels look really promising, looking forward to giving them a go.