Monday, 25 March 2019

Alexandra Palace 23-24 March 2019

We all enjoyed the weekend at Alexandra Palace. Our position in the West Hall, Stand 142, attracted an almost constant crowd of onlookers. There are just so many pictures to be taken of the public enjoying Lightermans Yard! Some casting their expert eyes over the scene - and the operation ...

... for others the simple enjoyment of discovering the secrets in the detail.

The 'Yard's' regular operating team - Pete K, Keith, Alan, David with Richard and Howard in support were joined by Pete Townsend, who's city-scape buildings do so much to draw in the public. We all had a great time only slightly troubled late in the day by temperamental coupling and uncoupling! 

Operator's view of the layout and an 'over the heads' look at the the West Hall. Saturday was very busy, Sunday less so.

 For some more unusual views of the exhibition...

 Pete Townsend and Pete King enjoy a quiet moment before the hordes!

The splendor of the main hall (there really were lots of people, the fish eye lens pushed them back
from the foreground, and it was taken towards the end of day 2) 

Next exhibition 6 April 2019 - East Surrey N Gauge and N Gauge Forum.
Next meeting 14 April (back to base)


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