Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Erith MRS Exhibition, Longfield

Keith and Pete K set up Lightermans Yard on Friday evening and were pleased to find we had been allocated a place next to a door which was handy for unloading/loading. The setup went smoothly with everything working just right.

On Saturday “The Yard” was manned by Alan, David S, Keith and Pete K. and Sunday by Pete K, Keith, Alan and Richard. Gordon and Alan B were also in attendance.

Despite the appearance of chaos, we've done this before and it's alright in the end!

Saturday was a very busy day public wise and at times we had viewers two and three deep. There were lots of very nice comments, all of them positive. We didn’t find out until Sunday that the Saturday visitors had voted “The Yard” best in show for which we were the first recipients of The John Muskett Memorial Shield. To our delight the layout behaved itself, apart from the odd nudge of the tank locos. We will be prioritising stay alive units in these locos in an attempt to achieve near faultless running.

Day two was also well attended, again lots of nice comments, invitations to future shows and congratulations on the shield - taken away to have Lightermans Yard engraved in first place!

An enjoyable exhibition event. Thanks to Pete K for most of the words and images.

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  1. Congratulations to all of the team on the winning of the trophy at what was obviously a successful outing.

    Well done..!
    Mick S