Thursday, 16 November 2017

November: Tolworth Exhibition

Yet another regular meeting was replaced by an invitation to exhibit, this time at the Hampton Court Model Railway Society Exhibition at Tolworth on November 11th and 12th.

Setting up, by Keith and Pete K, was on Friday evening and went smoothly and without fuss. All the trackwork was cleaned and found to be in working order. The Yard was then put to bed for the night.

Saturday morning Keith and Pete K arrived expecting to be the only operators for the day but while enjoying a cup of tea a knight in shining armour was seen in the shape of David S.

Audience admiring the 'Yard'

After a few hours of good running one of the points developed an electrical problem. It would allow access to the brake van road but not ahead through the run round loop, needed for forming departing trains. David S again came to the rescue by prodding around in the dark under the baseboard and curing the problem for the rest of the weekend.

Working round the problem
Sunday, the staff was Alan, Keith and Pete K who enjoyed a good day of running.

Alan over the top again!
Throughout the weekend the viewing public were making very complementary comments about the layout which is always good for lifting the spirits when tiredness begins to set in.

Discussing the 'Yard'
After the show everything was packed away and ready to go in what may be a new record time of around 30 minutes.

The next showing will be Crawley April 2018 so that should give the team time to catch up on some of those “little” jobs that we never seem to get round to.

Thanks to Pete King for this report and pictures.


  1. I saw your layout for the first time at Tolworth last weekend. The thing that blew me away was the individual products in the shops, in 2mm!

  2. Hi, I am Leo Hendriksen, the organiser of the Eurospoor model Railway event in the Netherlands. I don't know how to reach you but would invite you to participate in our show in November 2018. Can you contact me at: Hoping to hear from you, I remain, Yours faithfully, EUROSPOOR , leo Hendriksen