Monday, 14 August 2017

August Meeting

At this meeting we concentrated on adding the fiddle yard controller to the two existing units for the scenic section of the layout. This involved oppening up to rewire and adding links to the main control panel and linking it to the 'yard'.

A view inside the the control panel. The MERG control board can be seen at the top back and the two input connections at either side of the black panel. Adding the third input point under the fiddle yard involved moving a resistor to the end of the chain and then extending the wiring via the multi 'D' connectors.

Soldering means more hands in a small space!

Keith and Pete working in tight, hot conditions

Testing the box....

Linking to the track... more close-up multi-fingered work....

.....finally the test

Looks like it should work!

It didn't work but the test locomotive became the bonus for the day. 

Meanwhile Keith took the bits away to hopefully solve the problem (postscript - problem solved within 24 hours).

One more meeting before a run of exhibition appearances;

Farnham (AGM) 14-15 October
Uckfield 21-22 October
Tolworth 11-12 November

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