Saturday, 25 June 2016


Several members of the group converged on Tutbury Village Hall for the Supermeet, and I include below a few of the photos I took.

Some of the wagons built by the late Steve Sykes, together with prizes that they won at 2FS AGM competitions.

Laurie Adams' layout "Yeovil Town"

The shunting tractor on Yeovil Town, which tested the driving skills of several spectators.

Ian Smith's "Modbury"

Andy Carlson's "South Yard".

An updated/extended version of Mark Fielder's "British Oak" layout, which features in the Beginners Guide. This version, by Richard Caunt, incorporates working hopper systems which deposit coal into the barge (and coal dust into the neighbourhood!).

David Long's "Mayfield Street".

Early stage of a narrow gauge layout by Phil Copleston.

Discussion of the "Minories" layout, which Mick Simpson and Alan Whitehead almost finished over the weekend at Railex.

 A view from the other end.

"Colwyn Bay Goods" from Bryn Jones.

Various works-in-progress on Keith Armes' table.

There were at least half a dozen other displays that aren't included in the above photos.

An enjoyable day was had by all, well worth the long trips to get there (which paled into insignificance against Kevin Knight's ...)